“Now is a time to be bold. We must not stay the course or take the conventional path because the other course is unknown…. [W]e must not allow ourselves to become ‘prisoners of uncertainty.”  – Barack Obama

“This won’t be an easy mission, and we’ll have to confront both social and security obstacles, but it is a worthy struggle…. Just because the goals are difficult doesn’t mean we should abandon them.”  – The Islamic State of Iraq


Here’s a short article I read that brought to my attention an issue with getting out of Iraq that I didn’t know or think of before.  It’s concerned with helping the local Iraqis who have helped the US before troops completely withdraw so that they are not left to be made examples of by militant groups.   It goes through a little history of past occupations, where western countries withdrew without the consideration of local aids (France in Algeria, the US in Vietnam), and also is just a bit of news coverage on what’s going on in Iraq when Middle East news is focused mainly on Afghanistan.  Additionally, what is a but of news that goes without [the author’s] saying is that, when the US withdraws, there will be militant groups left in Iraq that will be capable of making examples of former US aids.  In short, after US occupation and withdraw, Iraq will have a democracy, but it will not likely be a top 10 vacation destination.