Ветер дует, листья кружит:  Wind Blows, Leaves Twirls.

Friends, Family, Unknown Readers,


So I am in the new town.  I am done with Pre Service Training.  I have taken an oath to defend the US constitution and love my fellow Moldovan, and I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Wohooo!!!

A lot has gone on in the last two weeks, and to explain those events I recorded a little video that will be linked below.  Also, below, you will find some pictures of some of what happened; and while I have no pictures yet from the US Embassy, you can sort of see what it was like in the news broadcast that is also linked below.

I also just learned how to make a slide-show in wordpress, which I think is rather snazzy.  The first few photos are from the celebration of a Resource (Teaching) Teacher’s birthday; the next are from Practice School; the following are from my new home — all outdoor photos; and it ends with some photos I stole off other people’s facebook pages, pictures of me from a few events.

Thanks for taking an interest, and if you have any questions about what you see, leave me a comment.

All my love,


The Video Blog, please excuse it being sideways:

The Broadcast of Peace Corps Swearing In, 5 o’clock, Romanian:

The Broadcast of Peace Corps Swearing in, 7 o’clock, Russian:


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