I should be studying, but I just wanted to share:

I went for a run tonight, and later in the evening than I ever have before. I left the house at about 8:30, when the sunset was at full color.  Because the house guard dog (weighing in at around 9 pounds, standing 7 inches tall, being able to jump about 6 feet off the ground and yap loud enough to make you press your hands over your ears when standing close by) has taken to sleeping on my running shoes and converses, causing them to be infested with fleas, I have begun running in my hiking boots.  As I was headed out to the field, where I’ve established a 30 minute loop I usual run twice, some twelve year oldish kids called me over and we chatted a little, and I showed them Jasiri X on my iphone, and then I continued on to the fields. I ran one lap, halfway through being chased by someone’s dog away from a field, and before beginning the second lap, I stopped to consider going home.  It was getting dark, and the flies and mosquitoes and jumpy critters were coming on strong.  Not knowing when I’d get to exercise again, I continued on, and I ran listening to Pimsleur Russian Lessons.  Eventually I came to the same spot where the dog chased me, but this time it was waiting in the center of the path and began barking before I could easily make out its shape.  Instead of running away, I went up and tried to befriend it – which failed – but the owner came over and we began to chat – in that broken way of “Hello” – “What’s you name?” – “I am from America.” when you can speak very little of their language.  He asked me if I wanted to try Moldovan Peaches, and of course I did, so I walked with him through the orchard for five minutes finding the perfect one.  It turns out that he plays soccer with my host brother (who is currently delivering Peaches to Moscow by Mac Truck).   After eating two peaches, I said that I had to head home, as it was nearly dark now.  I ran the rest of the way home, sprinting through a sea of misquotes in the dark, listening to Rufus Wainwright “Across the Universe,” carrying a gigantic peach in each fist for my host mother, back through twenty minutes of shodowed-out Sunflower, Corn, Peach, and Apple Fields until I came to the back of the village where my host family’s house is.  When I got home, no one was there, and the water to the town was out again.  I went outside to see if there were any buckets of water in the back.  There were none, except those that had been there since I first arrived, filled with algae and nefarious shimmy things, so here I stood, dirty, covered in dead and living bugs, dripping with sweat, at 10 o’clock at night in the dark.  I went around to the side, where I saw a bucket of water from the well.  Ah!  So, I bathed in the back of the house with that bucket of water, which was cold as winter, but wonderful and refreshing.  After toweling off, changing inside, I realized I had to refill the buck.  So this is how, for the first time, I went to a well and filled up a pale of water all by myself.  Walking to the well, the mini-guard dog guarded me the whole way, and as I raised and lowered the pale, he barked at and retreated from all passing cars.  I was surprised how far down the chain went, and I expected that I’d pull up an empty bucket.  But it worked!  I went home.  I filtered the water in a Brita filter, then purified it with an Ultraviolet light, and took a drink.  And that was the end of my evening exercise.

Welcome to Moldova.