Я знаю, что это было давно я опубликовал, и я извиняюсь за это.Корпус мира заставляет нас очень занят.

Yes.  It’s true.

But anyways, I went to visit my permanent site.  I have no pictures for all of you, but I will do my best to convey the place with words.  Anenii Noi, as I said in the previous post, is located thirty, forty, fifty ish minutes to the East of the capitol.  It is the Raion center, meaning that 1/32 of the country has its “county” offices there.  There are two banks, two bars, a tiny pizza shop – though I hear they put mayonnaise on their pizza, which I don’t think I will ever get used to – two disco-techs, three schools, a post office, several statues, both soviet and Moldova, and a little less that 16k people.  The school where I will be working has 750 students, and the building is sturdy but not a lot to look at from the outside.  This is in part due to it being a Russian school, because they do not get their funding from the entire Raion, they only get their funding from the local town.  As Moldova has become politically more Romanian (Moldovaneshte) speaking, and more oriented towards the west, funding and programming for the Russian schools has fallen off.  It seems that, in addition to teaching my 18 hours a week, I may be investing my extra energies in helping to fill the funding void, helping with IT technologies and computer education, and / or sprucing up the extra curricular activities of the school.  They used to have a national debate competition, but that is now, I think, only in Romanian.

The host family where I will be staying with are really wonderful people.  They are both 62, formerly teachers, and very patient and loving.  The husband used to be a musician, but he had an accident, where something fell on his hands, I think, and he can no longer play the violin or the accordion.  He also used to work at a special ed school for young adult with mental disabilities, helping them to prepare and look for jobs.  The mother was an elementary school teacher, and now she works as an inspector for the government, making sure that teachers are up to snuff.  The first morning I had breakfast with them, we looked at pictures of their family and chatted in Russian for around four hours.  Up until that point, the longest conversation I had had lasted no more that seven minutes.  We talked about family, friends, the school, the dream I had the night before, the town, a zoo for some reason . . . all in all, I’m really excited, and I think I am going to be really happy there.

Additionally, the town has a boxing gym.  I’m not sure if I will be able to transition martial weapons fighting into boxing – or if I will be comfortable having my face pummeled – but I am very excited to have a gym where I can be macho and exercise in the long winters.  The walk from my house to the school is about fifteen minutes, down a beautiful, ornate, staircase cut into the hill and past this gym.

All right, I am off to go for a run.  Today, the Russian-Speakers and the Aggro-Business Developers went to the winery in Malecsti Mici (sp?) to visit the largest winery in the world! and I need to run off the free glasses and sober up before I study for the night.

I won’t leave you without some pictures, though.

Kittens Brighten Days

My Buddy Ryne and me infront of an underground waterfall

!”]!”]!”]The Most Beautiful cloud I’ve ever seen, titled Nimbus Eclipsus [sic]!

More of Kitten

The wine cellar

All my love, More to come, including videos of the winery tour,

P.S. If you haven’t notices, I edit none of these posts and have little regard for grammatic or speling.  That’s just the way it’s going to be.