So, here is another set of media that I took while on a jog.  It’s a little different this time though; I took some video shots, and I’ve posted them to youtube.  I would have uploaded them straight onto the blog, but wordpress demands 60 bucks to unlock that function.  So it’s on youtube.

BTW, my brother John asked, “So you’ve been running a lot?”  The answer is, really, no.  I just always have my camera with me when I jog.

The first three links are links to the three videos I took.  The last link is to JFK’s presentation on the founding of the peace corps.  The sound quality on the videos I took is nothing short of horrible.  You’ll have to turn up the volume to hear my voice, threatening to blow out your speakers and ear drums with the screaming wind.  But bear with me until the end; the last minute or two of the third video is super sweet.  That was the first time I explored the abandoned hospital, so the video was a bit thrilling to make.  Since then, I have been using the roof as a private work out space.

Take Care, All my love, More to come,